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  3. john says:

    When will the results be published?

    • ktuaplanner says:

      We like to leave the survey open as long as possible – so the results will be published with the first draft of the Huntington Beach Bicycle Master Plan.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the plan will improve bike access on our major thoroughfares. We also have to come up with a creative way to educate tourists about looking out for pedestrians and cyclists. The downtown area seems especially dangerous for cyclists during the summer due to the huge increase in drivers that are not familiar with the area and are not accustomed to sharing the road. After improving our bike infrastructure, the City should host biking events and market the community as a bike friendly city to help spread the word that Huntington Beach is a great place for cruising by car or bike.

    • John says:

      Boy do I agree Michelle. Both cyclists and pedestrians need to be educated. I sometimes ride my road bike on PCH or the Santa Ana river trail. My wife and I constantly go down to the bide trail. These are the problems I encounter:
      1. Road bike guys going 15-20 mph on the trail. They should be on PCH.
      2. Pedestrians that do not pay attention. Groups just standing on the trail talking, crossing the trail without looking. Kids darting out of the cars into bide traffic. People walking on the wrong side of the trail.

      OK, off my soap box.

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  6. Dave McConnell says:

    I live downtown and see people everyday riding bikes on the sidewalk and or riding on the wrong side of the street. There doesn’t seem to be any rules for bike riders. Whole family will ride down the sidewalk on the way to the beach. My question is, is it still unlawful to ride on the sidewalk in HB? I know resources are tight but I’m sure a reserve, cadet or volunteer officer could at least inform people of the violation if there is still one. People go drinking downtown and ride their bike home so the won’t get a DWI. I really think the the Police need to write a few ticket to spread the word that riding on the sidewalk is still against the law.

  7. John says:

    I seem to not be able to see the survey can someone help. I am an avid bike rider and ride both the paths and PCH. My main concern is people and other bicyclist not paying attention to the rules of the road. On the bike path people do not watch their children and walk right in front of bikes and others. Dogs are also an issue. I wish dogs on leash walking with bikes were not allowed.

  8. Jerry says:

    This is the most bike-friendly city I’ve lived in…and most beautiful. Improvements are always but budget crunch should temper our expectations

  9. Anthony says:

    Hello! Here’s an idea I have as far as the bike lane system:

    I would like to see a complete revamping of the bike lane system into protected bike lanes. I saw this when visiting my home town of Santa Clarita and I can’t stop thinking about it. Replace the current bike lane with a sidewalk for walking pedestrians. In most areas, motorists are already driving directly alongside a side walk and are more cautious of walking pedestrians. If the current bike lane was replaced with a sidewalk, a fully protected bike lane can be moved into place where the sidewalk originally laid.

    To draw a picture; Imagine you are looking down a street. You see motorist lanes—> bike lane —> sidewalk. After the revamp, it would be motorist lane—>Sidewalk—>Protected bike lanes. Motorists are more careful and accepting of pedestrians and bicyclists are protected and happy. Not only will the bicyclists be happy, but this will encourage more people to commute by bike than ever before, as they will feel they finally have a safe option to commute by bike and completely remove bicycles from riding on the actual sidewalk.

    Of course, this would be very expensive. A guy can dream, right?

  10. Bob berry says:

    I have been riding PCH HB since the 60′s and the area that needs bike lanes would be PCH betweem Golden West and Beach Blvd. With street parking in this area it makes bicycling a somewhat unsafe condition. On wek-ends you see these large groups riding two and three abreast, which really makes it a difficult place for motorists to drive. I don’t know if it’s possible, but bike lanes in this area would make it a safer place for all.

  11. John says:

    I totally agree. that stretch of PCH needs a bike lane.

  12. Resident says:

    Simply open the gates along the channels such as the East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel. Why aren’t these gates opened already? What needs to be done to make this possible?

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